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The exhibition project Chinese Fantasy_Yiwu’s Garden (28/08 to 19/09, 2010) takes place in four art spaces in Shanghai, during the opening a free bus is organized that under the slogan One exhibition, 4 locations and one bus take the public – from 4:00 to 9:00 pm – to visit the various areas in the exhibition.


YK art space_YongKangLu 72_from 28/08 to 14/09 2010

The garden: Instalation site specific variables measures

Hell to Paradise / Paradise to Hell: series of 10 animation loop on digital frame 10”

The main gallery space Yk art in YongKang Road 72, shows the artificial jungle of “tuning” plants that takes the entire gallery space transcending even the street outside. Through a slit in the conditioning system, overflows a bunch of vines that climb up the facade.

Between trunks, leaves and vines are camouflaged 10 video screens 10″ showing each loop animations produced with different actions recorded in the chroma of the study. The forest is set also a mastered sound that mixes industrial sounds with natural sounds.


Yongkanglu-art 56_YongKangLu 56_from 28/08 to 19/09 2010

The gardeners: single channel video projection 7’ and series of photographs

At number 56 of the street is located one of the exhibition spaces of the project, there is presented the video installation The Gardeners: a single channel video projection 7 “, accompanied by two photographic panels of images of the commercial center of Yiwu and the plants factory (each panel contains 120 photographs of 20 × 15 cm). The piece is visible from outside the gallery during the day and the night, through a system of viewing from the outside that leaves a swath of the glass wall of the gallery making a window, keeping the necessary darkness for the proper video projection.

The Gardeners relate the production of plastic plants in a factory in Yiwu, a syncopated rhythm showing a path through the interior of the industrial complex. The tempo emphasizes the monotonous rhythm of the assembly line, using the mechanical sound of the machine in contrast to the movements of workers, the natural against the artificial.

At number 36 on the same street is located another exhibition space, that has become a vegetal photographic set where appropriate to portray each and every one of the participants in the project in its various dimensions.

The jungle is by definition lush, messy, parasite, if it has where eating is expanding. Similarly we were spread by the street, from number 72 to 56, after the vines appear at the other end of the street at 36, and finally squatted in a making off with a makeshift cart screen mobile music retailer that had agreed with the gallery enliven the evening with music.


SHIFT space_Zhongshan Nan lu 505-Cool Docks_16 to 29/08  2010

FACTORY: Show room work in process and stop motion video 20’

The SHIFT Space, has been for nearly two weeks a scenario of ongoing activity open to walkers visiting the Cool Docks. The plants that were “manufactured” in the days before were moved to build the forest.

The opening day shows the testimony of all the work done: eight screens of 12″ show simultaneously the work done during the days working in this space. The recordings made in stop motion, with a duration of approx. 3 minutes each, accompanied by other evidence remains of the manufacturing process.


Ai Art space & flag art_Zhongshan Nan lu 505-Cool Docks_28/08 2010

Green studio: Live video projection

At 50 meters, the study of the Cool Docks, invites the audience to enjoy an “artificial cocktail” of an alleged fluorescent green, and while being videotaped in the chroma used previously, so that a projection site displays real-time attendees as part of the artificial forest.


To speed up the visit to the various exhibition spaces as part of the overall project has been made available to the public from the gallery YongKang Lu 72, a minibus also transformed with artificial plants will make the route between the two spaces permanently.

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